Oral Presentations

Invited lectures and Plenary lectures are given in Plenary Sessions. They last 25 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion – 30 minutes in total.

Oral presentations are given in Oral Sessions. They last 12 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion – 15 minutes in total.

Poster Presentations

The maximum size of the posters should be 1 m wide and 1 m long. The posters will be fixed by using the tape supplied by the organizer.

The posters should be placed at appropriate boards (marked by the organizer) at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session. The presenters should stay nearby their posters throughout the session, and remove the posters after the session is finished.

Virtual Presentations

They are sent as a PDF file created from Power Point or other programs like for an oral presentation (multi-page) or like for a poster presentation (one-page).