Thomas L. Mindt (H-index: 23, citations: 2 466), “Radiometal-Based Radiopharmaceuticals for Theranostic Approaches in Nuclear Medicine”
Prof. Dr. Thomas L. Mindt is the Head of the program line Imaging Biomarkers at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Applied Diagnostics. He completed a double major in Organic Chemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences ZHW Winterthur (Switzerland) and obtained a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Brown University (USA). Upon his return to Europe, he worked as a senior assistant in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences at the ETH in Zurich (Switzerland). In 2009, he accepted a call of the University of Basel (Switzerland) as an Assistant Professor in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry and in 2015 he was promoted to Honorary Professor. In 2016, he moved to Vienna as a co-founder of the new Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Applied Diagnostics. Thomas L. Mindt’s research focuses on the interface of medicine and chemistry, in particular on the development of novel diagnostic (imaging) probes and therapeutics for applications in nuclear oncology. He is interested in utilizing metallic radionuclides in a theranostic approach, e.g. by developing novel methodologies for the radiolabelling of biologically active molecules to explore their potential in clinical applications. He is engaged internationally in the field of radiopharmaceutical sciences as a member of the Radiopharmacy and Scientific Program Committees of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM), board member of the European Society of Radiopharmacy and Radiopharmaceuticals, editorial board member of the journals. Nuclear Medicine and Biology (Elsevier) and Molecules (MDPI), and reviewer for different societies, funding agencies, and peer reviewed scientific journals. Thomas L. Mindt has authored and co-authored numerous publications, book chapters and patents.
Tamás Röszer (H-index: 22, citations: 1 884), “Adipose tissue immunometabolism and childhood obesity”
Dr. Tamás Röszer is a Research Group Leader and Lecturer at Ulm University, Germany. His chief research interests are immunometabolism, endocrinology, and molecular immunology in the context of development and physiology (http://www.uni-ulm.de/nawi/institute-of-neurobiology/research/dr-habil-tamas-roeszer).