Dear participants of RAD 2021 Conference,

This is the page/place where you can write your comments and impressions about RAD 2021. Please take a few minutes of your time to say what was good and what can be improved, what you liked and what you did not like, what you think about the organization of the conference, how you liked the sessions and the scientific part of the conference, how you liked the social events, the conference kit and conference materials you got when you registered, etc.

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Prof Šaćira Mandal

Suggestions  Since is the anniversary Conference RAD and You celebrating 10th RAD, may be Conference be titled i.e. could be held under the motto,  Round table discussion: Different radiology testing for diagnosis and treatment of various or rare disorders/Networking event for radiology testing laboratories, medical specialists, scientists and researchers, and regulatory representatives involved in the topic, etc.  Special Sessions and Meetings (RAD Research Infrastructure and Initiatives Session),  RAD Research and Careers Skills Workshop – Networking for scientists: reasons, reinventions,  Panel Discussion (Various fields of biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, environmental protection, electronics, etc., to exchange and discuss their findings and experiences as well as possible ideas for interdisciplinary work, new research directions and university teaching),  Workshop: New and improved basic Radiology and other techniques and their procedure assays  Special Thanks
Dr. Emre Uygur

Dear Prof. Ristic and RAD 9 team. Thank you very much for this amazing experience.
Prof. Narimantas Čėnas

Dear Prof. Ristič, dear colleagues, We admire the meeting, the social events and miraculous nature, they excellently complemented each other. Let us hope that this joyful atmosphere will mark the beginning of liberation from isolation and seclusion in whole Europe, with best regards, Narimantas Čėnas and his team
MSc. Eni Bushi

Thank you for this unforgettable experience. We had the opportunity not only to share our scientific works but also to enjoy local attractions and particiapte in social events organized by your team. Warm regards, Eni
Prof Milena Georgieva

Dear Prof. Ristic, Dear RAD9 team, Thank you very much indeed for the warm welcome during the conference! We all needed this after the non-conference pandemic days. The conference venue was awesome allowing pleasant work and moments of pure relax. Thank you very much indeed for the exquisite social events too during which we were able to meet with many colleagues and friends and to discuss our scientific work on an international level. Looking forward to the next event. Stay healthy, Milena
Dr Miroslav Petrov

Dear Organisers! Everything was great the place and the organisation. Congratulation! The only thing which i dislike (it is the matter of taste) is that music was to loud
Dr Svetlana Gramatiuk